Bulk Flower

Bulk Hemp Flower for Sale

Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers 

"A grade" colas and the densest nugs only.  Big leafed in the field, hung dried onsite, hand bucked with trim scissors directly into Terploc liner bags and cured in sealed totes.  It doesn't get any nicer than this!  Check out our harvest video here:  


*10 pound minimum order.  Get in touch for current inventory and pricing.
Contact flower@lilyhillcbd.com

CBG White - 17.9% CBG - COA


CBG White - closeup of white trichomes


Elektra - 15.4% CBD - COA


Hawaiian Haze 16.9% CBD - COA


Lifter - 18.9% CBD - COA


Sour Space Candy - 14% CBD - COA


Special Sauce - 16.7% CBD - COA


Suver Haze - 19.1% CBD - COA


Suzy's Gift - 16.8% CBD - COA


Tangie - 14.2% CBD - COA


Flower stored in Terploc liner bags inside sealed totes


*10 pound minimum order.  Get in touch for current inventory and pricing.
Contact flower@lilyhillcbd.com